How to: Use the All Patients Report

In DIANA, the All Patients report is where you can view comprehensive information about your Babyscripts population. Group Managers and Patient Managers have access to this report to holistically view key patient demographics (e.g. EDD, MRN, provider) as well as Babyscripts usage (e.g. last active date, program status). 

What's recently changed?

Starting January 2023, the All Patients report received a number of new enhancements!

  • More filters to view patients by myBloodPressure module and by program status (whether active or inactive)
  • An easier-to-use search feature 
  • # of pregnancy episodes for patients with multiple pregnancies using Babyscripts 
  • Enhanced columns to make them easier to adjust and remove

How to use the All Patients Report

There are many ways to access this information depending on your needs. Learn how our customers are most commonly using this report!

Getting Started

From the left menu screen, navigate to All Patients under My Patients.

In its default view, the All Patients report will provide you with key data points for all patients enrolled in any Babyscripts program, including:

  • Patient Name
  • Patient's Department
  • Patient’s Provider
  • Patient’s Status (Recruited, Registered, Miscarriage)
    • “Recruited” indicates the patient has not completed their app registration
    • “Registered” indicates the patient has completed their app registration
    • "Miscarried" indicates that the patient's pregnancy status has been updated to reflect pregnancy loss. You can read more about this process here

Looking for a particular patient? You can use the search field to search by patient name, email, or phone number.  

Build Your Own Report

Looking for just a subset of your patient population? Use our Filter by Column feature by selecting the three horizontal lines next to any column header, and then selecting the upside down triangle to narrow down your report even further. Here are some examples of common use cases:

  • You are looking for a list of patients in the "Recruited" status (i.e. patients who have not completed Registration for Babyscripts myJourney) so you can follow up with them at their next appointment or send them a gentle reminder (especially for those enrolled in any myBloodPressure module).
  • You want to pull a report of all Normotensive patients who are enrolled at X Department (or all patients of Y Provider). If Babyscripts is not integrated with your EHR, this is a great way to have a consolidated list to be able to make the necessary updates in your EHR to keep your provider and care teams informed,

Perhaps you wish not to include each column in your report. The columns are removable. You can select the three horizontal lines next to any column header, and then selecting the grid of nine squares, and selecting or deselecting the data points that you wish to review.

View by Module

You can narrow down your All Patients report by selecting “Filter by Products.” This allows you to view patients enrolled for each myBloodPressure module - Normotensive BP monitoring, Chronic Hypertension Monitoring, Preeclampsia Monitoring, or Postpartum Hypertension Monitoring. If a specific program is not selected, all patients will appear in your report. 

Once you select a program, patients who "active" or currently being monitored will appear. "Active" means they have not been offboarded from their remote monitoring program. If you wish to view patients who are "inactive" or all patient for particular module regardless of their "active" or "inactive" status, you can select the appropriate status in the "View" drop-down. 

All offboarded patients will appear in an “inactive module” view.  

  • Patients enrolled in our antenatal myBloodPressure programs will be automatically offboarded once their pregnancy status has been updated to delivered or once they reach their EDD + 2 weeks. 
  • Patient enrolled in our Postpartum Hypertension program will be offboarded at the term of their monitoring period determined by your care team during implementation; our standard program duration is 16 days from discharge. Export to CSV or XLS

Export to CSV or XLS

You can export your All Patients report for those looking to view and analyze this data outside of DIANA. 

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