How to Send a 1:1 Message to a Patient

DIANA users with Patient Manager or Group Manager access have the ability to send one-way messages to patients in DIANA. Messages can be sent by email, SMS, and (soon-to-come) push notifications. 

You may want to use 1:1 messages to remind patients of upcoming appointments, or encourage them to log a new weight or blood pressure reading. Please note: messages sent through DIANA are one-way messages - you will not be able to see any replies from patients. 

How to send a 1:1 message to a patient

1. Open the patient profile. (Here's how to search for a specific patient profile.)

2. Choose the type of message you'd like to send. 

Message types:
  • Email - This would send the patient an email to the email address listed on their profile. Emails allow you a bit more freedom and creativity when messaging patients.
  • SMS - This would send the patient a text message to the phone number on their profile. SMS messages are best for short or more urgent communications.
  • (Coming soon) Push notifications - This would send a push notification to the patient - as long as their Babyscripts myJourney notifications are turned on. 

3. Click the corresponding pink button at the top of the profile page to send your message. 

(E.g. click "SMS" if you want to send an SMS, and "Email" if you want to send an email). 

4. Type in your message and hit "Send"

This will instantly send the message to the patient. 

You will know your message has been sent once you see the, "Message sent successfully" pop-up at the bottom of your screen.

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