All About Resources

What are resources?

Within the Babyscripts myJourney app, your patients have access to a resource library of educational content. These educational resources live within the "Resources" section of the app. 

The resource library is searchable and available for patients to reference at any point during their pregnancy or postpartum experience. 

Resources are divided into different categories to help patients find answers quickly and easily. For example, there are resource categories with specific information on breastfeeding, labor and delivery, exercise, and more! 

For example, here's a look into a "Breastfeeding" resource section. Patients can easily find all breastfeeding resources all in one, convenient place! 

What resources are in the Babyscripts app?

Babyscripts myJourney comes pre-loaded with Babyscripts' library of resources. You can  easily edit or customize these existing resources, or you can add new resources.

Add  to the "Team Resources" section

The resource library comes with an existing section called "Team Resources". This is a great place to add any resources specific to your office location or health system. Here are a few resource ideas to get you started! 

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