Resources: How to Edit a Resource

The Resource Library in the app is a great place for longer-form, more in-depth pieces of content (as compared with the Timeline, which is greater for shorter-form, daily content). Patients will have access to all resources at all times throughout their pregnancy or postpartum journey. 

1. In the left-hand menu in DIANA, click on “Resources.”

2. Search for the resource you want to edit.

Use the search bar to search for a specific card (if you don’t know the exact title of a card, we suggest using keywords like “breastfeeding” or “exercise”).

You can also use the column filters to filter or sort on specific resources.

3. Make your desired edits.

It's first important to define Status and Owner.  

  • Status indicates whether that resource is Active or Inactive.  You may see duplicate titles but one is Active and the other is Inactive.  You'll notice they have different owners; this is explained next. 
  • In the Owner column, you will either see your Group Name or "Root."  Root indicates Babyscripts owned and managed version of the content.  It will be the version of content that is updated on an ongoing basis.  It cannot be modified.  It can however be duplicated to make a new version and assigning your Group Name as the Owner of that new resource.

If you are looking to make edits to your Group Name content, click on the pink pencil icon Action on the right hand side to make the appropriate edits.

If you are looking to make edits to Babyscripts’ ROOT content, click on the pink double paper icon Action on the right hand side to COPY the Resource Card.  This will create a new, duplicate version of the Resource Card whereby you can make edits to the body of content and:

  • Card Title - The title of the card gives patients an idea of what the content is about.
  • Card Topic- This is a way to categorize the subject of the resource you are creating. (i.e. Baby, Breastfeeding, Exercise, Labor and Delivery, Labs and Tests, etc.).  You can select as many card topics as relevant.
  • Language - English or Spanish
  • Active - “Yes” indicates your card will be active and will be shown to patients in the Timeline.
  • Products - Select which product you’d like the card to show up with. 
    • Select “Platform” if you want the card to show up for all patients.
  • Departments - You can choose what Departments should have this resource visible to their patients.  
    • All Departments
      • Keep All Departments selected if relevant for all locations.
      • Deselect All Departments and type in the department(s) where this resource is relevant.  This will ensure this content is only visible in the selected departments.
  • Link type - Select a link type if you want to link your card to another section of Babyscripts or an outside webpage.
    • Article - Direct patients to an article from the Resources Section
    • Survey - Direct patients to an existing survey in the app
    • URL - Direct patients to link to an outside webpage
    • App section - Direct patients to a different section within the app (e.g. weight, blood pressure, ect..)
  • Resource header image - This is where you can upload an image to go with your resource.

4. Click the pink “Update” button to save your edits.

5. Check the square radio button to the left of the original Root Resource Card.  Bulk Action with Selected.  Mark Inactive.  Apply.

Inactivating the original Root content and activating your newly edited duplicate version will change the ownership of that resource to your customer group and ensure your version of the card is the only version viewable in your patients’ app and will not be automatically updated in any future Babyscripts content modifications.

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