How to Add a New Resource

The resource library in the app is a great place for longer-form, more in-depth pieces of content (as compared with the timeline, which is greater for shorter-form, daily content!). Patients will have access to all resources at all times throughout their pregnancy or postpartum journey. 

How to add a new resource

1. In the left-hand menu in DIANA, click on "Resources".

2. Click the pink "+" button to add a new resource.

3. Fill out the required fields to create your resource. 

Required fields will have an asterisk. The other fields are optional.

Here's an overview of what each field means:

  • Title - The title of your resource.
  • Topic - The general topic you'd like your resource stored under.
  • Language - English or Spanish.
  • Active - "Yes" indicates your resource will be active and will be shown to patients in the Resources section.  
  • Products - Select which product you'd like the card to show up with. 
    • Select "Platform" if you want the card to show up for all patients. 
  • Link Type - Select a link type if you want to link your resource to another section of Babyscripts or an outside webpage. 

You can also upload an image for your resource, if you'd like!

4. Save your new resource!

Once you've completed your new resource, be sure to click the pink "Save" button to save your resource. 

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