How to: Brand Your Babyscripts myJourney App

Branding your Babyscripts myJourney app

Whether you're just getting started with Babyscripts or looking to refresh the patient experience, your marketing team is likely curious how Babyscripts reflects your brand to your patients. How can Babyscripts myJourney visually mirror the branding of our paper handouts, website, and other branded communications?

Babyscripts offers several ways to match the patient app with your health system's look and feel. Here are a few ways to establish brand awareness and patient connection through Babyscripts myJourney.

Customize the app with your organizations colors

The Babyscripts team will work with you during implementation to add in your brand's colors (via hex codes) into DIANA to ensure the look and feel of the app is consistent with your branding.

  • The app will utilize the primary color to highlight the top banner, buttons, labels and selected icons (circled in pink below).
  • The app will utilize the secondary color to highlight unselected icons and labels in the Profile section (circled in grey below).

Add logos and icons

Users with Group Manager access in DIANA can upload and manage logos and images. You can add optional images to 4 sections of the app: Timeline, Health, Team Resources, and Profile (Care Team) sections.

  • Customize images to match your existing materials

Reinforce Babyscripts as a digital extension of your prenatal education by uploading the same images in your existing flyers, or website pages. See more tips in our content best practices article.

Send branded messages

You can use Babyscripts to send targeted messages to your patients, through our campaigns feature. Incorporate your logo into this message so that your patients can easily associate the message with their care team.

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