What is DIANA?

What is DIANA?

DIANA stands for  Data Insights And Navigation App. DIANA is Babyscripts' platform that facilitates content management, patient monitoring, data collection, and more. 

DIANA gives you insight into the Babyscripts world, allowing you to better manage your patients by understanding how they are using and engaging with the app.

What is DIANA used for?

Within DIANA, you can:

  • View your patients and their data
  • Send messages to patients
  • View / edit /add new content to your app's Timeline or Resources
  • View / edit /add new content to your Checklists
  • Update your group and your app's settings (practice locations, phone numbers, providers, etc.) 

How to log into DIANA

If you've already been set up with a DIANA account, you can log in by clicking here. Be sure to enter the email address your account was created with.

If you don't remember your DIANA password, you can reset it

Tip: We recommend bookmarking the DIANA login page if you will be accessing DIANA in the future! 

Need a DIANA account?

Don't have a DIANA account yet? Please contact the DIANA administrator at your organization, or email us at clientsupport@babyscripts.com.

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