How to: Enroll a Patient onto Babyscripts myJourney

The Babyscripts myJourney app provides your patients with prenatal and postpartum education in the palm of their hands. While most patients are signed up for the app at the start of their pregnancy, patients can be enrolled at any point during their pregnancy or postpartum journey. 

Babyscripts offers three options to enroll patients onto the app: 

  • Digital ticket
  • Auto-enrollment via your EHR
  • Group passcode

We will work with your team closely during implementation to establish the best enrollment option for your workflow.

Enrollment Option 1: Digital Ticket

The "digital ticket" is an online registration page your practice can use to enroll patients onto the app. To enroll a patient via the digital ticket, simply fill out the form (pictured below), and click "Add Patient". Once you submit the form, the patient will receive a text and an email with information on how to register for the app.

Where to find your digital ticket

If your practice is set up to enroll patients via the digital ticket, your account manager will send you a link to your unique digital ticket form. We recommend bookmarking this link on your computer for easy access. 

It is important to complete all fields on the digital ticket for an accurate registration. Depending on the patient's risk level and other factors, you may see various options under "Product", allowing you to sign patients up for remote monitoring modules. 

You also can find your teams digital ticket under the 'All Patients' tab in DIANA.

1. Under the My patients section in DIANA click on 'All Patients'.


2. This will open to all a list of all patients currently enrolled in Babyscripts. Click on the 'Add Patient' button which will open to your teams digital ticket!

Enrollment Option 2: Auto-enrollment via your EHR

For some customers, Babyscripts is integrated with the EHR and patients are registered via an order placed during their appointment. Locate the order by searching "Babyscripts" and confirm the patient details (email, mobile phone number, EDD) are accurate. 

Once an order is submitted, the patient will receive a text and an email from Babyscripts with information to complete their registration. Follow the proper notation for your health system to indicate the patient has been signed up for Babyscripts in their chart.

If you or your team is interested in exploring auto-enrollment further, please contact

Need help enrolling a patient or have questions? 

Please reach out to us at

If one of your patients is having trouble registering, they can contact our patient support team at

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