Patient Profile Features and Functionality

All Patients Page > Click on patient's name from the list to open the patient profile to view or edit patient / account details

The Pregnancy Status Options, explained:

  • Pregnant: Indicates that the patient is currently pregnant. The patient will be able to view the pregnancy related information in the app.
  • Delivered: If the patient delivers early, you can update the patient to "delivered" on the Patient Profile. This will update the patient's app to be able to enjoy the postpartum content.
  • Miscarried: If you mark a patient as "miscarried," Babyscripts will cease all communications to the patient and update her app with resources sensitive to what she is going through.

**The Patient will also have the ability to update her pregnancy status within the Profile section of the app (see screenshot below).

Take Note: Once the patient is two weeks past her EDD, her status will automatically update to a "delivered" status where she will be able to start enjoying the postpartum content within the app. Additionally, she will be notified at 38 weeks how to manually transition her app experience to postpartum, in the event she delivers early.

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