How to Customize Resource Topics

Babyscripts makes it easy to organize your content and resources for patients. In the  Resource Settings section in DIANA, you can add or modify existing topics and images, allowing you to organize your resources to your liking. 

How to edit a resource topic

Your Babyscripts myJourney app will come standard with certain topics like "Baby", "Breastfeeding", and "Exercise". However, you can change the topic name or associated photo depending on your needs. Here's how:

1. In DIANA under "Settings", click "Resource Settings".

2. On the left-hand side, click the resource topic you would like to edit. You can change the name of the topic, or the background photo.

3. Make your desired changes, and click "Update Topic"

For example, below, we changed the generic "Your Team" topic to "Babyscripts Medical Center Resources".

How to add a new resource topic

If you have content that doesn't fit into the existing topics, you can add a brand new topic. 

1. In DIANA under "Settings", click  "Resource Settings".

2. Click the pink + icon.

3. Enter the name of the topic you'd like to add. 

4. Upload a photo to be the background image for that topic.

5. Click the pink  "Save" button. 

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