Viewing the Patient Timeline

On each patient profile in DIANA, you will find a Timeline tab. 

What is the Timeline?

The Timeline tab shows a chronological history of events related to a patient's Babyscripts experience. 

For example, the Timeline will capture the following:

  • When a patient was recruited
  • When a module was added or removed
  • Pregnancy status changes (e.g. when a patient is marked as "miscarried")
  • Patient triggers (blood pressure, non-compliance, or missing shipping address) 
  • Coming soon: Automated messages sent to the patient (email, SMS, and push notification) 

Use the Timeline to track patient changes and activity

We recommend utilizing the Timeline tab to gather context around a patient's experience on Babyscripts. 

For example:

  • Wondering why a patient isn't active on a module? Check the Timeline to see if she was off-boarded. 
  • Wondering when a new pregnancy episode was added for a patient? Check the Timeline to see when her status changed from miscarried to pregnant. 
  • Wondering if a patient has been getting non-compliance reminders? Check the Timeline to see a history of automated messages the patient has been sent.

We hope you'll find the patient Timeline a helpful tool in managing your patients' care on Babyscripts! 

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