How to Add a New Pregnancy to a Patient Account

We love to hear that patients are not only are signed up for one of their pregnancies with Babyscripts, but two! For patients who are enrolled in the program for a second or more with us, we've made an easy way to enroll their new pregnancy to the program.  

How to add a patients new pregnancy to their account: 

1. Go to the patients DIANA profile account and 'Add' another pregnancy to her account. 

2. Next to where you see 'Pregnancy #1' there is a pink add symbol, click on that and it will allow you to add in her most recent pregnancy. 

3. Once you've clicked on the pink add symbol, the 'Add Another Pregnancy' pop up will come up for you to enter the patients latest pregnancy episode. 

4. After you've entered in the patients most recent pregnancy, please click the pink 'Add Pregnancy' button and this will toggle the patients profile to her newest pregnancy.  

Enrolling Patients in Modules:

If the patient was previously enrolled in a module during her first pregnancy, this will not carry over once you've added the patients second or more pregnancy episodes to her account. After you have added the patients latest pregnancy to her Babyscripts account, scroll down to the bottom of her account page and add her to the module that she will be enrolling in. 

All Patients List: 

When your team is looking at the 'All Patients List' in DIANA, you now are able to see how many pregnancies a patient has experienced with Babyscripts! We've added a new column that allows providers an easy way to view the pregnancy count of their patients. 

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