All About Triggers

In-App Trigger System

In the Babyscripts myJourney app is a patient messaging system for all patients enrolled in myBloodPressure.

Normal BP Readings

When a patient enters a reading within the normal range your care team has designated, they will receive the below message:   

Elevated BP Readings 

If a patient has an elevated reading between 140/90 - 159/109 (dependent on if your team has set this threshold differently) they will be prompted to record symptoms in the symptom tracker.

If the patient does not meet the BP value and/or symptoms thresholds your health system has set for elevated triggers, they will receive the below message:

If the patient records a reading and/or symptoms that meets your health system's threshold for an elevated trigger, they will receive the following message:

Critical BP Readings

If a patient enters a critical BP reading (according to your health system's thresholds), they will receive the following message:

Symptom Tracking

It is important to note that symptom tracking is only shown to patients who have entered an elevated or critical reading. 

Our team has worked hard to modify the language patients see and they know that their care team is being notified and will follow up with them to ensure their safety. If you have any questions please reach out to our client support team! 

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