Work with Babyscripts to Create a Campaign

One of the benefits of the Babyscripts platform is the ability to reach your patients with timely, intentional, and helpful information.

Sending a campaign to your patients

Whether it's announcing a new class, making patients aware of a last-minute office closure, or highlighting a new resource in the app, you can send a campaign to your patients in a couple of different ways.

What types of campaigns can you send to patients? 

We can send either SMS messages or emails to get information out to your patients. 

Who can we send to? 

We have the ability to send campaigns to patients by segmenting audiences using the following:

  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Department
  • EDD
  • Insurance types
  • Module
  • Pregnancy status

What kinds of campaigns do people send to patients? 

Customers send all kinds of campaigns! Here's a list of some examples: 

  • Office closures 
  • New office procedures 
  • The launch of a new resource in the app 
  • Upcoming classes
  • Reminders to read certain articles 

Helpful tips

  • I need to send my campaign right away! Typically we request 2-3 business days advance to send a campaign but in the case of an emergency, just let your account manager know! 
  • I don't see the audience selection I'd like to use. Are these my only options? Reach out to us! We're happy to work with you to identify what's possible beyond the current audiences listed above.
  • I want to link from my campaign to a Resource in the Babyscripts app. We have the ability to Deep Link from your Email campaigns directly to the resource(s) you'd like to reference in the campaign. This is a great way to keep patients engaged in the app!
  • I need campaign ideas! If you're looking for ideas or suggestions on the types of campaigns patients love, visit the Campaign Template Library, check out our webinar on creating meaningful campaigns or review our Office Hours Webinar:  Content & Campaigns

Interested in sending a custom campaign? Fill out this form and we're happy to send it for you!

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